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A global manufacturing organization

We developed the following projects:

  • Behavioral & Cultural Change Initiative
  • Performance Review Structure
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Re- Organization structure
  • Leadership development & coaching
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Project: Elie Saab http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=26

Elie Saab group

Reporting to the General Manager of the group, as part of a Organization Development initiative we developed:

  • Robust policies & procedure manual
  • Grading structure
  • New organization structure
  • Performance Review proposal
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Ramadan Kareem 2012 http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=25 n25 at http://www.ranizahed.com 'HR Professional' Magazine - RZ article (March / April) http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=23



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AUB - Iraqi Prime Ministers' Office http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=22

10 day Human Resources Essentials Training program and workshop for senior members from the Iraqi Prime Ministers' Office.

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Brain Training http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=21

Highly recommended 'Brain Training' site. Check it out.


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Talent Management Survey http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=20

Talent Management Survey by 'Northgate Arinso' - a HR software provider.

Interesting findings from 541 senior management respondents globally.


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Seasons Greetings 2011 http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=19

2011 has been the year that Rani Zahed - Organization Development Consultants started. It was with your help that I took on this adventure. Thank you all and best wishes for the New Year.

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HR Review Magazine http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=18

Published article in HR Review Magazine titled 'Organizational Characters - An HR Perspective'

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Haigazian University - OB Program http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=17

Delivered a 12 hour Organization Behavior program as part of the Human Resources Certification for the Continuous Education Center at Haigazian University.

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Haigazian University - OB Program http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=16

Delivered a 12 hour Organization Behavior program as part of the Management Certification for the Continuous Education Center at Haigazian University.

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AUB - Iraqi Foreign Ministry http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=15

Delivered a 10 day HR Training Program for a delegation from the Iraqi foreign ministry as part of AUB's Continuous Education Program.

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Employee Insight Survey - Zakka Multitec http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=14

Zakka multitec are committed to developing their business and manpower capabilities. To deliver on commitments and results, we conducted an extensive employee satisfaction survey to understand people insights and needs.

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Small Business Businesses adopt innovative perks to find, retain staff http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=13

Tips for finding, retaining great employees

Finding and retaining great employees can be tricky for small businesses, especially those that aren't large enough to have a human resources specialist on staff or don't have the budget to pay the highest salaries in town. Still, there are some universal initiatives that small businesses of any size can undertake to attract and keep good employees, whether they have a staff of five or 105.

As any small business owner knows, good staffing is crucial to a company's success.

"It's the most important thing, because it reflects your business and what you're doing," says Tom Mckellar, owner of Mckellar Homes, a general contracting company in Toronto. "The staff is your business."

First of all, it's important to hire the right people. And while there are many avenues for recruiting –– from internet job sites, to job fairs to college recruiting –– countless small business owners agree that word-of-mouth referrals from trusted current employees tends to be one of the primary ways of finding new staff.

"The No. 1 way we find our staff is through employee referrals," says Wadood Ibrahim, founder and CEO of Protegra, a 60-person business and technology consulting company in Winnipeg. "An employee won't refer someone who they don't think is a good fit, so it's like that person has already been pre-qualified."

A good fit

The main quality Protegra looks for in a potential hire is whether or not they will fit in with the company's culture, says Ibrahim. Protegra is an extremely team-oriented workplace where everyone is considered to be on equal footing, he says, and not everyone works well in this kind of environment.

"Someone may be really talented, but if they're not a culture fit, it's really detrimental," he says.

Shaun Hesse, one of the owners at Kenlin Design Group in Regina, concurs. At his 65-employee drafting company, it's not always the person with the most impressive resumé who gets the job.

"You get a good sense of who the person is when you interview them, and for us, it's really important that they fit in with our team," said Hesse.

Once that "good fit" has been hired, however, the hard work is far from over. To keep great employees from leaving, it's important to make sure they're happy and motivated. Paying adequately is one way to do this, of course.

"Salary is always a factor; you have to be competitive," says Ken Hemphill, director of human resources for Surrey, B.C.-based Back in Motion, a 120-employee rehabilitation, disability prevention and employment solutions company.

"But the top of the pay grid isn't going to keep people happy and engaged, and research seems to support that."

Indeed, according to a recent survey by staffing, recruitment and HR services company Randstad Canada, "pleasant work atmosphere" came out on top as the most important factor for employees when choosing an employer. High salary came in second, followed by job security. As Hemphill notes, a high salary might attract someone to the job initially, but if they're not happy, the big bucks certainly won't be enough to keep them there.

So, what constitutes a pleasant work environment? To start, Protegra's Ibrahim says his company makes it a priority to assume the best of each employee.

"We begin with the premise that nobody gets up in the morning wanting to do a lousy job," said Ibrahim. "Everybody wants to contribute, to do a good job. That's a belief that we have, and we treat people that way. So, if someone isn't performing, we try to get to the root cause of the problem; we don't just assume he's a lazy employee."

Professional development, perks key

At Back in Motion, Hemphill says, the company promotes from within and provides employees with lots of opportunity for training and further education to support their long-term goals –– both of which seem to lead to higher employee satisfaction. Accommodating work-life balance requests is also important, he says, especially since many of the employees are young, educated women who are now choosing to have children.

"When people come back from maternity leave, they often want a bit of a different arrangement — maybe four days a week, or flexibility in hours, or maybe the ability to telecommute to some extent –– and we support all those things, as well," said Hemhill.

Many companies also find it's important to provide little perks, such as staff parties and social events. At Kenlin Design Group, for instance, there are no less than six staff events per year, including ski trips, an annual golf tournament, a family fun day, a Halloween poker party and two annual Christmas parties: one for adults and one for employees' children. Kenlin also allows flexible work hours and offers employees a $500 fitness subsidy each year to help them keep healthy.

Such perks are appreciated and can go a long way toward employee satisfaction, but it's important to remember that the day-to-day work atmosphere must also be a good one in order to retain staff. Mckellar of Mckellar Homes says that with his small staff of five, the key to employee satisfaction is constant communication. He makes a point of sitting down with his workers regularly, having a coffee and asking, "How's it going?"

But just asking isn't enough. "You really have to listen when they're complaining," he stresses. Problems have to be addressed as soon as possible, he adds.

Back in Motion's Hemphill agrees that communication is key and says keeping communication lines open has been one of the biggest challenges of growing from a five-person company in 1993 to the 120-employee company it is today. Communication methods have had to evolve as the company has grown.

"We now have senior management go to each of our four sites on a quarterly basis and give an overview on initiatives that we're working on, things we're trying to do to fulfill the mission, give them updates about systems and structures –– basically, communicate with them everything that's happening in the company," Hemhill said.

At the end of the day, says Protegra's Ibrahim, ensuring your business is a good place to work is hard work, "because it's about people."

"And people all bring in their own baggage, their own personal issues," he says. "But employees are the most important factor in the company, so you have to put that effort in, day in and day out."

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How to Build Confidence http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=12


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The Role and Future of HR: The CEO’s Perspective http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=11

Check out this interesting analytical insight by visiting:


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The Global Talent Index - 2015 Outlook http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=10


The Global Talent Index Report: The Outlook to 2015 was written by the Economist Intelligence Unit
and published by Heidrick & Struggles. The research undertaken for the study consisted of three
main initiatives:

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Recession has improved HR 'skillsets’ http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=9

L&D professionals see profile enhanced, finds PM mini-survey

The recession has improved HR skillsets in more than half of organisations, the results of a People Management mini-survey on skills have revealed.

Just over 57 per cent of those polled agreed or strongly agreed that the tough economic conditions of the last two years had resulted in the upskilling of members of their HR department, according to the first in a series of mini-surveys of PM readers.

The demand for learning and skills training has also increased in six out of ten organisations, while the L&D function in particular has gained a higher profile among 48 per cent of employers, the data showed.

But ahead of today’s budget, opinion was markedly split on whether government skills policies will have a beneficial impact on their organisations, with 26 per cent of respondents agreeing, 24 per cent disagreeing and the remainder undecided.

“This mini-survey demonstrates the extent to which HR professionals have been stretched by the challenges of tougher economic conditions, and have improved their skills and abilities in response,” said PM’s news editor, James Brockett. “Increased L&D activity in the majority of organisations is an early sign that organisations are planning for the economic recovery, as organisations compete for talent and upskill employees to best position themselves for when conditions improve.”

The results of the PM poll were based on more than 330 responses.

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Good-looking female job seekers penalised by HR, finds study http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=8

HR professionals tend to discriminate against attractive female job applicants who include a photo of themselves, but they favour good looking men who do the same, new research has revealed.

A study, by the Royal Economic Society, looking at “beauty” bias among recruiters found that good looking women who send a picture in with their job application were invited for fewer interviews than plainer candidates or people who do not include a picture.

But, conversely, handsome men who send a photo in with their CV were more likely to be called for interview than less attractive men.

Researchers said the study “proves that there is a double standard between good looks as a positive factor in men versus women”.

They also found that recruiters are more likely to be women in their 20s who are “more likely to be jealous when confronted with an attractive woman in the workplace but not an attractive man,” leading to the double standard results.

The findings contradict current psychology and organisational behaviour research on beauty, which associates attractiveness, for men and women, with almost every conceivable positive trait and disposition, researchers said.

The study was carried out in Israel where it is not unusual to include a photo with a job application - unlike in the UK and US - making it a good job market to explore the effect of a picture on recruiters.

Researchers sent out more than 5,300 CVs for 2,650 job vacancies, sending two applications for each job.

One contained a photo of an attractive man or woman, or a plain-looking man or woman. The other CV was identical in qualifications and experience, but did not contain a photograph.


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Big 5 Personality Test http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=7

Many managers perceive and react to failure inappropriately and therefore have trouble learning from it—leading to more failures down the road.

Many of us have at some point assigned (or avoided) blame in a self-serving way, only to suffer negative fallout; on the flip side, we may take self-criticism too far, resulting in paralysis and stagnation. To foster and thrive in a productive work environment, we need to recognize and overcome these tendencies.

 The Big Five, personality test measures openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, along with subfactors of these dimensions. It does a good job of illuminating how you deal with failure in yourself and others ..

Try it on line: personal.psu.edu/j5j/IPIP/ipipneo120.htm 

ref: created by Ben Dattner & Robert Hogan (HBR, 'Managing Yourself'- April 2011)


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Managing Characters in an Organization http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=6

Q: Have you ever been hired to lead a HR function in an organization? Did you think that you had asked all the right questions and understood what was required from you? ... Think again ... Here are some characters you will encounter.

We can break it down to 2 types: Supporters and Resistors.

Believe it or not but the ‘Resistors’ are the easier and more manageable bunch, as we understand where they stand and can work out solutions for their fusion.

The difficulties lie with the ‘Supporters’. This group varies in levels, for while they claim to support the HR role and its importance to the ‘business’, many fall short of living up to its ‘working mechanism’.

Evidence has shown that there is massive difference between the motivation decision makers have for introducing a HR function to their business .v. allowing it to function efficiently. This is not true for all decision makers, however, there are levels which I have identified within each category (which adds to the complexity of the matter).

The committed/supporting professionals can be classified into:

1.       The Gung Ho enthusiast – this professional initially supports the role of HR wholeheartedly and believes that HR can be a major contributor to the business. He/she is the main advocator to introduce this function (they later lose the enthusiasm)

2.       The Realist – this person understands the benefits of HR to the business but is also realistic about its effectiveness in the organization. They understand the culture of the organization and the types of managers in the organization. (They want it to work but are cautious)

3.       The Committed – this professional supports the role of HR, understands the impact on the business and has firm grip on the complex function of HR. (They will stand by HR as a strategic function for the best interest of the organization – not too many exist mind you)

4.       The Skeptic – this person supports the role of HR (mainly because the majority support it) but is highly skeptical of how HR can contribute to the business (will tend to cause issues on every occasion, unless HR becomes a truly trusted ally).

5.       The Careless – this professional accepts the role of HR, so long as it is a secondary department and is limited to sorting CV’s, organizing parties and filling out documents that they don’t want be bothered with.

The main ‘problem’ we face today is with ‘fluctuating definitions’. This does not only apply to the business of Human Resources but it is a prevalent issue with people and people issues. The main word being ‘fluctuating’, for as people continuously change, therefore their ideas and direction also change. So, what is defined in one way today, might have a totally different meaning at a later period.

Fluctuating decisions causes confusion and mis-communication in society on every level, thus it is important for the HR professional to continuously:

·         Probe and confirm answers

·         Understand changing emotions

·         Align thoughts and

·         Bounce & Reconfirm findings.

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Program Instructor at MUBS http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=5

Teaching 'Principles of Management' & 'Human Resources Management' at MUBS for the fall semester. www.theoikos.com

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Mohamed Khaled Foundation - Beirut http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=3

Currently involved in a full restructuring initiative.

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Saida Career Fair 2010 http://ranizahed.com/beta/news2.php?id=2

Rani delivered 'Generation Y & their effect on business' and 'Does every job need a wasta?' during the 2 day event.

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Article - The New DNA of Management http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=16 Last March I had written a article titled ‘Managing Organizational Cultures’ and after projecting a distinctive approach of management in developed societies .v. the Middle East I promised to offer the audience a new management approach for the future ... read more at 'HR Review' Magazine p16 at http://www.ranizahed.com Article - The Offer Letter http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=14 The difficulty arises after the honeymoon phase of an employment relationship, mistakes are made because the parties are afraid of doing the cautious thing at the beginning of the relationship which is to put all the terms and conditions of employment on the table and making sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed ... read more at 'HR Review' Magazine p14 at http://www.ranizahed.com Article: Managing Performance ... it's not just Performance Reviews http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=13 In my role as a consultant I have had the chance to interact and debate with many people and what I realized is that some are self proclaimed professionals and others are rightful owners of this designation. It’s a pity that the self proclaimed ones are actually heard and get much exposure in a business environment which is starving for real quality and genuine business exposure ... read more at 'HR Review' Magazine p13 at http://www.ranizahed.com Article - Engaged Organizations http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=12 Disengaged employees cost companies money in numerous ways. They are much more expensive to maintain than their engaged counterparts, and many organizations are working hard to find ways to help get their people engaged and more productive. I’ve been a disengaged employee it stinks ... read more at 'HR Review' magazine p12 at http://www.ranizahed.com Article - Managing Mental Illness http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=11 Managing Mental Illness By now, it would be encouraging to know, for our own interest and satisfaction that most employers are well aware that mental health problems present serious issues for the workplace. Or do they? Recent statistics reported by independent consultants in developed countries are staggering: one in five working individuals experiences a mental health condition every year, and brain illnesses such as depression and anxiety are top drivers for both short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD). The six most common mental health conditions afflicting the working-age populations cost the economy about $20.7 billion in lost labor in 2012 in Canada alone ... read more at 'HR Review' magazine p11 at http://www.ranizahed.com Article - Talent Resilience in Changing Times http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=10 It took me quite a while to decide to write this article and even more time to proceed with the actual writing, not because I ran out of subject matter but because I was waiting for an inspiration to put a few thoughts together and tackle a topic that is affecting me and interesting to the audience. And as time progresses and businesses evolve, the level of ambiguity that we come across increases ever more. The concept of ‘work hard and intelligently’ and you will be recognized and appreciated, do not appear to be applicable these days ... read more by picking up a copy of 'HR Review' p10 at http://www.ranizahed.com Article - Career Decisions http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=8 It’s graduation season again and amid the bloom of Spring, the warm weather and improved global economy many of our graduating students are embracing themselves upon a new outlook to life. A new life filled with opportunities, hope and a clear direction for making a real difference in the world. The world is a field at your finger tips my fellow graduate, ready to be picked and developed by intelligent members of the society like yourselves ...read more at 'HR Review' magazine p8 at http://www.ranizahed.com Mature HR http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=7 Article - Characters we face in an organization p7 at http://www.ranizahed.com Career Management Counselling http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=6 A practical approach to assessing people's passion and insights by offering coaching & tools to manage careers for the future. p6 at http://www.ranizahed.com Talent Management model http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=5 A well rounded approach from attraction to departure. p5 at http://www.ranizahed.com An innovative approach to recruitment http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=4 A full action plan for employers on how to attract & retain candidates. With an emphasis on the use of social media & organizational branding, this document offers organizations solutions on brand positioning & talent acquisition. p4 at http://www.ranizahed.com Does every job need a 'Wasta'? http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=3 This paper tackles the assumptions that job seekers fear when managing their careers. It offers the reader tips and solutions on how to market themselves from CV preparation to the job interview. p3 at http://www.ranizahed.com Generation Y and their effect on organizations http://ranizahed.com/beta/publications2.php?id=2 a comprehensive study of how the future generation think and act with tips for organizations to be future ready. p2 at http://www.ranizahed.com Leadership Executive Coaching @ Guardian Industries http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=23 Developed leadership capabilities to support a change management initiative to improve innovation c23 at http://www.ranizahed.com Sales & Plant Incentive Program Development @ Guardian Industries http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=22 Developed a sales incentive that is aligned with the strategic direction of the organization c22 at http://www.ranizahed.com Organizational Re- Structuring Model @ Guardian Industries http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=21 Developed, trained, coached and supported the implementation of a new set of values based on desired mental models c21 at http://www.ranizahed.com Leadership & Sales Competency & Development Program @ Guardian Industries http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=19 Developed a competency model for the operations and sales departments c19 at http://www.ranizahed.com Behavioral & Cultural Change Program @ Guardian Industries http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=18 Lead the full process of a new set of behaviors when Coch Industries bought shares in Guardian c18 at http://www.ranizahed.com Structure Recruitment Process @ Zakka Multi Tec http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=17 Developed processes and implemented best practiced and supported leaders to attract and retain talents c17 at http://www.ranizahed.com Employee Engagement Survey & Analysis @ Zakka Multi Tec http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=16 Conducted and analyzed results of a employee survey and recommended actions to support business sustainability c16 at http://www.ranizahed.com Grading & Org. Re-Structuring @ Elie Saab http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=15 Developed a job grading and bench marked salary levels in the market / Re-designed the organizational chart to work in alignment with the organizational objectives c15 at http://www.ranizahed.com Policies & Procedure Manual @ Elie Saab http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=14 Developed P&P's, process maps and trained personnel on the application of each c14 at http://www.ranizahed.com Organizational Development Manual Project @ MasterFoods http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=13 A robust and integrated OD manual for associates.... ( for the complete document clic ) c13 at http://www.ranizahed.com Succession Planning Project @ JWT http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=12 An ongoing assessment and capability development of stars to manage the new business structure to face future competitive demands. c12 at http://www.ranizahed.com T&D Manual Project @ Y&R Group http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=11 A comprehensive manual that ensures over 1200 employees in 8 companies enjoy a selection of contemporary programs in a competitive market. c11 at http://www.ranizahed.com Salary & Employee Grading Structure @ Honeywell http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=10 A joint effort with Hay Consultancy to build a new employee salary grading structure. c10 at http://www.ranizahed.com National Merchandiser Development Project @ MasterFoods http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=9 An integrated approach to identify, attract and retain local talent. c9 at http://www.ranizahed.com Talent Management Solution Project @ JWT http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=8 Developed and operated a Talent Management approach to build the future talent pool and brand build. c8 at http://www.ranizahed.com HR Software Integration Project @ Y&R Group http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=7 A full evaluation from various providers resulting in the selection and integration of a robust system suited for the needs of the business. c7 at http://www.ranizahed.com TQM Change Management Project @ Cara Operations http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=6 A member of the steering committee that shifted services standards and customer service approach. c6 at http://www.ranizahed.com Change Management Project @ Honeywell http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=5 An in-depth project to integrate cultures from a recently bought business into the Honeywell culture which led to building a shared services & specialists HR unit. c5 at http://www.ranizahed.com Staffing Infrastructure project @ HP+ http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=4 An integration of a new recruitment software across the Middle East & Africa and reducing the dependence on external recruitment providers. c4 at http://www.ranizahed.com Competency Manual Project @ Y&R Group http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=3 An in-depth project to evaluate & integrate 7 business units to build a competency manual. c3 at http://www.ranizahed.com (UJWT) Internal Academy Project @ JWT http://ranizahed.com/beta/case-studies.php?id=2 An academy style project that creates competent career succession and business learning capabilities. c2 at http://www.ranizahed.com