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Active in Ontario, Canada and on a global level, we believe, that contemporary human development is best achieved with an in-depth understanding of people's core passion, motivation and talents. Through active engagement and effective communication, organizations and people can achieve their ultimate potential.

By understanding people insights, we help organizations and people achieve their potential.

Invented a model for performance excellence 'The Performance Prosperity Model' (PPM)


What We Do

In Ontario, Canada and on a global level we offer businesses organizational development and leadership capability development, 'Organizational Development' solutions and tools to accelerate their productivity and contribute to their growth on local, regional and global levels.

We consider every business opportunity to be a unique proposition that is addressed in it's significant capacity.

We offer high levels of service and standards with every project.

When engaging with our clients, through mutual agreement we define the scope of work by offering advice and solutions. We tap into 'best in class' practices with recognized professionals and institutions regionally and globally to extend the expertise and standards. 

With a passion to offer high quality 'Talent Management' services and products, our work ensures we understand people insights and contemporary business trends.

Our 'Talent Management' solutions include

  • HR & OD Consultancy
  • Surveys & Analysis
  • Coaching - Professional and Academic
  • Training & Development
  • Inclusion and diversity training & best practices
  • Recruitment
  • University Relations - building the future pipeline
  • Organizational Branding